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Blurred Moon (by Josh Mandel)

We went camping once when it was cold enough
to see your breath misting the stars
and I knew you well enough to hike into the woods
singing with a pot on my head
and liked you just enough to be jealous when you
laughed with Jessica instead of me.
I used you as a tripod: my rudimentary lunar
photograph left the moon a blur
and your hair entangled in the camera strap.
We had watched the sun set and the moon rise
before we noticed how dark it got
and slipped half scared in thrill down the slick trail to camp.
Then something left me juvenile in twig-snapping blackness,
drove me out of my sleeping bag
and into a little clearing to listen to your conversation
and try to frighten you with the eeriest leaf-rustling I could muster.
In the morning I awoke, rolled down the hill
from where I'd lain and fussed, embarrassed --
but you, already packed, wouldn't hear my apology.
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