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Swiss Miss (by Josh Mandel)

We're shaving chocolate bars in
shaggy heaps, stirring to dissolve
the flecks with a teaspoonful
of sugar, pinch of salt,
two drops' vanilla extract
and a final minute at
the resonant frequency
of milk.

We could have used the stove,
lit matches and methane
and burned off the scary-sulfur
mercaptan smell at 11,000 btu per hour ---

But where's the fun of foamy
milk film stuck to the sides
of a pot? What's the point of
sponging down the metal
in a hot sink when slick Pyrex
and silicone rinse clean
in seconds?

And then again, why bother
scraping bittersweet bars
across the grater stroke
by stroke, the chocolate dust
melting on our hands?
There's the cutting board
to clean, the sharp box grater
that gets clogged
and awkward in the sink,
and all that work for
sixteen ounces of hot cocoa.

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