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The shampoo-sweat (by Josh Mandel)

The shampoo-sweat of your scalp is enough
to turn me snuff-taker,
nostrils tucked
under dirty-blond locks
to draw in euphoria.
You're dozing; I'm electrified.

And both our spines supported
by an orthopedic innerspring of solid steel.
We're twisted in a net of jersey-knit,
goose-down, egg-foam, pre-compressed fibers,
duvet. Touche!

And isn't it luxurious these days,
with eighty inches of Unicased mattress comfort
to explore that little space at the base
of your neck, the smooth parts
by your belly button,
dimples, earlobes,
fingernails, tooth marks.

The shock-absorbing box spring
barely flutters but
your eyelids open; mine close.
I'm feigning sleep.

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