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Down the dirt path (by Josh Mandel)

Down the dirt path to the Little League diamond behind the convenience store, sitting in the grass and alerted by the nearly imperceptible weight of a red ant on my wrist, for the first I noticed that period (extended to the limits of its viability on these summer nights) between sunset and darkness. For the first time I was alert to that interval where shadows reign but darkness waits at bay, the air cold but still glowing with the last embers of sunlight. It is the end result of an evening’s exercise in slowly lengthening shadows, final culmination of darkness stretching like fingertips over the landscape, that time when shadows have gotten so long that even a distant mountain, or a hill, or a tree, or even a blade of grass casts an image long enough to reach the horizon. When the light hits you at such an extreme angle (rays perfectly perpendicular) and you sit entranced by the entrance of night, you can almost feel (though never for long) that ultimate tension, battle terrifying to contemplate (for which of us could serve two masters?) the pronounced juxtaposition of infinities.
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