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I don't have time (by Josh Mandel)

I don't have time for device.
Nothing fancy, no shadow-play
or allusion to make
by way of coming to a point.
There's no caution to heed -
no need, at this point,
to play by the rules.
Because it's empty,
the promise I made that day:
You remember the one
(the one I've forgotten -
the one about us, and always.
It was the one where I was sincere
and you were sincere
and we looked at each other.
I gazed more or less deeply
into your eyes
and I said something
I can barely recall).
It's like a balloon, though,
or a kite by now -
the wind gusting
over hills,
stirring up old feelings,
mixing misery with dirt,
strings stretched taut,
aching to be free.
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